Friday, 10 November 2017

The Time I Found A...

The Time I Found A…
Once upon a chocolate there were 4 boys named Charlie, Jimmy, Lachlan and Noah, they were all incredible clay bird shooters (but Noah was the best). One day they came back from practice in their Ice White Lamborghini Aventador Veneno. They pulled up at a 15 star restaurant.SKIRRRRRRRTTT! Noah steps out in his Gucci flip flops to see the greatest sighting of his life! Wedged in the door was an unopened crunchie bar (Well that’s what they thought)!

Now the kids were not allowed chocolate because it was bad for their teeth and their parents didn’t want them too, but you can’t leave kids by themselves driving Lamborghinis and eating chocolate and I’m pretty sure all parents know that! Especially leaving your kids to drive a $7.4 Million Dollar car! So Noah and Lachlan Admired the masterpiece (The other two weren’t interested) they sniffed it to see if it was real, and slowly tear the wrapper like a sloth grabbing it’s food. Suddenly Noah and Lachlan get stopped. They sense something is different with this chocolate bar, they turn it over biting their fingers off because of the nervous feeling in their stomachs, and see that the packet was open!

Lachlans eyes light up as big as a saucer while the river of his drool goes as dry as the grand canyon, “AAAAAAHHHHHH!” Lachlan yelps as he sees the Mold infecting the chocolate “It looks like a… aaaaaaa… a SWAMP!!!!”

Noah screams to the top of his lungs, so high that People in Australia could hear it. Noah throws the bar as far as he could and it ends up landing in Mongolia! He jumps in his Lamborghini and accelerates as fast as he can go and in 5 seconds he was already going 157 Kilometers per hour!

And that’s the time I found a… Moldy Crunchie BaR!
P.S This is a true story, maybe not the Lamborghini and the gucci flip flops and the 15 star restaurant.
F.Y.I Charlie bit it and it was his bar that he was supposed to eat 2 MONTHS AGO.

Noah Rogers

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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Calendar Art!

This is my calendar art.In the middle in says 'Oh Aye' because I say that quite often and I thought it would look pretty cool all colorful and backed up with some spikes/designs. You should come buy this 'masterpiece' so you can look at it on your wall and be like "Oh Aye". With every purchase you will get a free high five and a fist pump, also an incredible massage my the best of them all Noah Rogers.
Now what are you waiting for buy it!
Notebooks:Don't worry its a bargain
Diary: Bargain
Noah Rogers

Monday, 14 August 2017

You Gotta Try This!

In week 1 of term 3 I made a video of how you should go to Thailand!Here is the video.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Cuddles The Monster!

Cuddles the monster AKA Mr Obliterator
Cuddles!.jpegCuddles the monster AKA Mr Obliterator is definitely NOT a nice thing. With all of his attributes and appearance, you might want to buy another layer of skin. Cuddles is an absolute beast and his friends are only reptiles (and me of course!) You better run because Tang and Spitty (His two best friends which are snakes) know where you are from 4 Miles away (6.4 Kilometers). Cuddles does NOT like cuddles.