Thursday, 10 August 2017

Cuddles The Monster!

Cuddles the monster AKA Mr Obliterator
Cuddles!.jpegCuddles the monster AKA Mr Obliterator is definitely NOT a nice thing. With all of his attributes and appearance, you might want to buy another layer of skin. Cuddles is an absolute beast and his friends are only reptiles (and me of course!) You better run because Tang and Spitty (His two best friends which are snakes) know where you are from 4 Miles away (6.4 Kilometers). Cuddles does NOT like cuddles.


  1. A very freaky monster drawing Noah.I enjoy your sense of humour in this post. It would be great if you added some descriptive sentences about Cuddles' appearance and hehaviours.

  2. cool monster Noah i see your shark is really big

  3. I love your monster Noah! It has all the things that a monster is supposed to have! Cuts, bruises even sidekicks!
    I wouldn't like to find that under my bed!
    From Christina.