Thursday, 24 March 2016


Adding Humour

Moment in Time Hydra Slide

Moment In Time Hydra Slide

“OUCH!” I roared as I smashed my head on the slide ”HAHAHAHA” giggled Jaden (he also whacked his head on the top of the Hydra Slide!).SPLASH!!!We ended up in the mini pool with a few bruises,but we were fine.Time for Round 2!Jaden and I Bolted up the metal stairs then strolled a few meters down the Colorful hot slippery hydra slide,and stretched our legs like a MASSIVE tunnel.

Later Analise came down under us and also a few others.

Finally Jaden puts his legs back to normal and BOOM!Both of us get WRECKED!These Kids behind us bowled us over like Julian Savea (The Bus)!We were going as fast as the flash down the Hydra slide!And at the same time we were Laughing Our butts off!Waving our arms in the air the kids began pushing and hitting us (it did not hurt at all) because we were breaking the rules!Suddenly there was a CRASH!We all landed on top of each other!

”I think it’s time for for a break!” I said as I puffed “I agree!” Replied Jaden “Let’s go do some manu’s (By the way a manu is a bomb when you lean back a bit and put your legs up high)!!!.SPLASH!The sound of manu’s were everywhere!

”Time for Lunch” Mrs Lowe and Mr Kenny Yelled.So we all dashed over.

By Noah.R

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Maths (Number String)

                                        This was pretty hard to figure out

Monday, 7 March 2016

Thanks Dad

Dear Todd (DAD)

Thanks Dad for attending Camp Omatua you really were AWESOME.

Here are some highlights

1.WOW!This was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. Creating cardboard cars is really FUN!But,Hard!!!Luckily my car in progress was too heavy to wipe away in the wind.

2.OUCH! Blackberry! Although the bush bashing was really fun, I really enjoyed the green nature around us. Also the lovely temperature of the  river was nice and warm and a bit . The current wasn’t strong so that made the river crossing easy peasy dolphin dive squeezy.

Now those were my highlights. I hope you liked them. Here’s an acrostic poem I wrote just for you.

T-Thanks for attending camp
O-Omatua.You were always smiling
D-Doing the drive-in movie cars was fun           
D-Doing the river crossing with you was  better and THE bomb!

Many Thanks/Love