Friday, 8 July 2016

Student Copy Explanation Writing

Science Experiment!

kAuRi-12016 LaB ExPeRiMeNt Episode:#21
June 15th,2016,One beautiful Afternoon
In a mysterious Parkvale LAB Room 12 all mini scientists had an experiment for SCIENCE of course.

Everyone chose their own experiment and they did it. BUT everyone had to bring some ITEMS for their mini experiment. There was Gravity Free Water, Vinegar Volcano, Quicksand, Tornado in a Bottle, and even Making a Rainbow (on a piece of paper)!


½ cup of water
Straw (Of course)
2 eyes (Preferably yours)
A cup
And a beautiful sunny day

It was a pretty odd experience but it looked spectacular!
For example If you looked through the glass it would look like the straw was BENT Twice! I thought it was obviously illusion but maybe I was INCORRECT (I’m always wrong)!!!

How to do it/How we did

1.Fill the cup up until it comes to ½

2.Make your straw become a Vertical/Horizontal/Straight  position  
3.Look through the glass and watch the magic!   

What We Noticed

I noticed that maybe the H20 would make an illusion because maybe It would make pressure on the straw(I’m trying to sound scientific)! For Example if you looked through a glass cup and point it at someone it looks like you’re seeing them in a fisheye/weird vision and it is pretty impressive!So that is what I think.

Why is the Straw Actually Bent???

When you look at an object the light guides you to see an object like it’s a path but sometimes the path can get bent/wiggly by air, gas and water that allows your eyes to kinda make an ILLUSION.I was thinking about the experiment at the start and thought “This will be the most stupidest thing EVER” but looks can be deceiving.

Proudly Written By:

Noah Rogers @ Parkvale School