Friday, 17 February 2017

Bush Poster!

My Waka Art!

IMG_1512.JPGMy Waka Writing!
The top left drawing is about how the waves and surfing , because I really like the Sea.

The top right drawing is about how I love going on the boat with my whanau , Because We do biscuiting,bombing,diving and fishing.

The bottom left drawing is a basketball hoop because I love basketball and enjoy it a lot!

The bottom right drawing represents how I like korus,nature and hills because My family and I go Tramping,Hunting and many more,But my Favourite
one by far is playing tag in the bush with the Whanau.

The reason Rimu made ‘Waka Art’ is because we all paddle together through challenges and task in our one Waka learning that we are all one whanau.

Written by Noah Rogers