Friday, 28 October 2016

Writing Term 4 'How Maui Found The Secret of Fire

Retold by Noah
One Relaxing Evening  Gazing into my flaming fire I wondered to myself “What would happen if all Fires went out,How would we make any more flames,How does fire become… Fire!” Everyone always lit our fire from other flames.(A lightbulb appeared above my head)

So Me myself the Maori trickster snuck out of my Whare one dark moonless Friday night and put out all the fires in the Pa, of course with a bucket of water.The Next Day…

Everyone was furious with me “You Tutai! You Dumbo! You big Mischief!Now you’re going to have to get another flame from the Volcano”. I had no other choice but to set off with No One except my friends ‘The Birds’ Pukeko, Piwakawaka, Kiwi, Tui, And Rupe, I told them we were going on an Adventure…

We were moving like a tank through the forest bowling every scruffy soaked bush down with my strong brown patu.Suddenly there was a Blaaaaaa!!! “What on earth is that” I questioned the birds “I don’t know” Replied the Piwakawaka and yes that’s right birds can talk!We peeked around the corner of a flax bush with our heads piling up and saw a trail that leads into a really clear beautiful beach. Walking out into the open beach (With no suspicion about the noise) we glanced with a gasp “WOW” Commented all of us at the same time BUT as we stumbled into the smooth warm sand in the corner of my eye I saw a Man-Eating Predator beating big scary WARRIOR! “BLAAAAA!” He pukanad Extremely loud! And threw a sharp thin tall taiaha at me.Whistle!Was the sound as it battled the wind and came zooming at my leg “GAME OVER,Your dead Maui” Said the Tui but luckily I used my James Bond skills (and so did the birds) and dived out of the trail into the bushes while the fearsome weapon came springing at us.While diving/dodging the taiaha, I threw my patu at The Warriors Head and BOOM! That was the noise of me giving him a bash. “What do we do” said the Piwakawaka “Ummmmm RUN!” Screamed the Pukeko as all of us dashed out of our current location…

Finally We made it outside of the Lava Spitting Volcano “Stay here my friends I shall go alone” I commanded to the Birds “Yo” Said the kiwi as it prepared to sunbathed.I strolled in and went to ask for a flame.

Scrambling into the burning volcano I saw an old lady with long grey hair and the most wrinkles ever! And she was STEAMING HOT if you touched her it will feel like you are holding 1,000,000 Burning Suns,but the weird thing is…  I think she was my aunty!“May I please have a Flame for my Pa” I asked Politely to Mahuika the goddess of fire “Sure Maui But take GOOD care of these flames, they are really precious and remember I only have 10” She answered “I will take care and I know there’s only 10” I replied.

As I was sprinting out of the horrific Volcano I tripped up on a root out of a TREE but luckily I still took good care of the flame, I stood back up and told the birds “I have a special flame,But I’m still curious of how does fire become… fire!” So I dropped the flame in the stream nearby and went back in and kept on doing the same thing every time, except with different excuse of course. “I stubbed my toe, a eel Snatched it off me, I thought it was cool so I chucked it in the air and it landed on my foot OUCH!, It was windy, it was raining, I ran into a tree, I had an itch on my face then I accidentally blew it out,I was making fun of a taniwha and he gave me a hiding, I put it down on the grass so I could play some rugby”. And Every single one worked.She was onto her LAST FLAME.

Mahuika was crazy!!! She got bigger bigger bigger and even Bigger,She was Honestly MASSIVE, It was like she was a 8 metre Helium Balloon! “This is what happens when you put out all my flames” She yelped with anger as she began floating into the air suddenly there was a grenade-sounding beeping noise and the Tyrannosaurus Rex-sized Volcano began shaking like there was a hurricane, or earthquake, Maybe even COMBINED! “Get the branches from the tree outside!!!Quick!” Mahuika screamed with rush “Ok” I replied as I dashed out of the mighty heat flowing lair.

I sprung up the tree like I was Bionic??????And R.K.Oed a lot of little branches and Victory dived into the stream of course while the Rumbling lava-leaking Volcano Exploded with a KABOOM!!! SSSSSSSSSS!!! Was the noise of the lava as it faced into the soaked grass.”Let’s GO!” I yelped to the birds so I Morphed into a Hawk and Flew Back to the Pa.

“HOORAY!!!” Yelled Everyone at the Pa So I morphed back to myself and rubbed the tree’s little branches on a hard piece of wood at east of the little Pa and it LIT!!! YAY!! “Skux fulla Maui,My man! You are a hero” Celebrated all the civilization at the Pa. Suddenly… The whole Pa Caught fire!!! “Uh Oh I think I might have to do a Victory Dive again!” “AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!”.

Meanwhile back at the Volcano… “This is awesome aye bro” said the kiwi as he turned over and saw a massive flame “Maui” said the Kiwi as he took off his shades and cucumbers ”AHHHHHH!!” He screamed as he jumped out of his all black shirt and flew back to the Burning Pa “Maui! DID YOU FIND THE SECRET OF FIRE???”


What was Tricky?

What was tricky was probably staying on the story because usually I would carry on in my way but this time I had to stick to the story

What could I improve on?

I could improve on my beginning because I didn’t Really put much info at the start.

What am I Most proud of?

I am most proud of my descriptive words because I think I used description in every paragraph

Written By Noah Rogers