Thursday, 14 April 2016

Motor cross Poster!

Little Summary
This poster is to tell you that motorbikes are very fun.To ride a motorbike you MUST have the correct GEAR.Also,you should (if you want)have the correct size or type.Since I’m a bit tall I have an 80cc and my brother has a KX-85 which the seat is up to my neck!
So that is why I made this Poster!


My Lost in the Bush Writing

   Lost in the bush-Noah

March 7th,2PM,2016

One original sunset day,

MUM!!!!!!!!!!!” I screamed as she drifted down the Te Mata Peak road in the Van.
“You still have a son!” I shrieked with anger throwing stones off the cliff.Finally,a few tears ran down my cheek and onto my All blacks
Rustle rustle rustle! The leaves crackled as I tramped down the
Redwoods Track the brown leaves were covering my shoe “HELP!!!” I yelped.

In my backpack I had 1 Water bottle that is as filling as a fat enormous yummy chicken,also a apple and a tiny little bag of Doritos (Thai sweet chilli flavour) that are as hot as green chilli!Also I had panther NRL rugby shorts (For togs),a highlanders supporter hat,a magpies game jersey and a thick fluffy aqua blue Towel.
It began get a bit cold but luckily I had a warm black Puffer jacket, grey track pants,sneakers (look at my feet) and a Tamatea Rugby Club beanie.

Suddenly I began to get worried,scared,terrified and tired “Please don’t let me sleep out here!” I howled,but no one was there to answer.
“I’m NEVER going to survive” I thought “why did you leave me here mum!”

Dusk retrieved over my head and birds were tweeting,branches were blowing and fences were shaking.
Finally I lay down shut my eyes and hoped to go to sleep “I’m DEFINITELY
Leaving tomorrow!” I whispered with Fear and horror.

Suddenly there was a VROOM VROOM VROOM!!!!!It was like 80 KX-85 (a type of dirt bike/motorbike) motors going as loud as they possibly can!But guess who it was…

My MUM! I bolted up to her and gave her the most monstrous hug in the Solar System it felt like I was hugging a warm fluffy grizzly bear “Where were you” I question but there was no answer at all.

Written by Noah Rogers

Lost in the Bush Narrative/Story