Friday, 6 May 2016

My AMAZING Holidays

The one main thing I did all holidays was probably just go to my friends house!
We were having a blast!
His mum came and said I have to go Home!
My face dropped like a gallon of slime upside down and I bolted all the way home.

So I asked my dad if we can go to school for some kicks off the Tee and some dropkicks.But then a magical light bulb appeared above my amazing head…

“I have an idea!!!” I screamed let’s have a dropkick challenge so I put all the rugby balls in different places and dropkicked them all through the post!LUCKILY my dad was videoing it and he posted it on facebook so that’s how Mr D knows that I’m pretty good at Dropkicking!

So anyways I kinda went on my brilliant intelligent amazing iPod.I decided to go on a few apps like,clash Royale,and Minecraft and obviously I watched some YouTube like who wouldn’t!

Now that was basically my ‘To do chain’ so I hoped you enjoyed my story and have a marvelous wonderful magical day!

Written by Noah Rogers

EVERYTHING by Noah Rogers 😁

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What’s Good? What are you most pleased with and why?
I’m most pleased with my adding detail because I needed to improve it and now I have like ‘My brilliant intelligent amazing iPod

Next time, what is 1 thing you could improve on?

Maybe instead of different paragraphs I can do another one about it

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