Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Paora Winitana!!!

Parkvale School News!
Parkvale’s Big SURPRISE!
Reporter:Noah Rogers
IMG_2271.JPGBreaking News! Olympic Ambassador Paora Winitana has entered Parkvale School Hall! Paora Introduced Himself and talked about his career. Paora had some laughs and some serious Times But most times were AWESOME!!!
Quick Facts About Paora
Favourite Food: Pasta and Salad.
Favourite Movie: Braveheart.
Favourite Music: Slow Jams.
Childhood heroes: His Mum and Michael Jordan.
Current Favourite Athletes: Kobe Bryant, Lebron James & Usain Bolt.
Most Rewarding Moment in Sport: Getting into the 2004 Olympic Team.
Talents other than sport:He loves being a husband and father. He enjoys graphic design and art.
Biggest Injury:Bone bruising to his cuboid bone (16 Months).
Biggest Sacrifice:Time away from his wife and sons.
Job outside Sport:Co-Director of his own Basketball Academy, He also provide leadership workshops for schools.
More Facts:He likes salsa dancing,art, reading a great book and wrestling with his sons.

Paora came in at the date of 30/7/16 with his basketball.Paora has 4 sons and 1 Wife. Me myself Noah Rogers knows Paora Personally by 2 of his sons Mana and Neafi and infact he coaches my basketball team. But anyway back to the news, Paora came and gave a few people with their hands up a CHALLENGE which I will talk about right now.

First up was Navjot and he had to throw up the basketball in the air and clap 5 times BUT he only got 1 bounce the first 2 attempts failed but hey! Never Give up (John Cena) the 1st Attempt it landed on his noggin!!! But did Navjot give up??? Hell NAAA! But in the 3rd try he did it!

Next was Keisha and she had to dribble the width of the hall and she did it like it was easy peasy lemon dolphin dive easy. BUT (you were probably expecting that) Paora gave her a harder challenge, It was to go to the width of the hall and dribble it BEHIND HER BACK then go back. And again she failed the 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th time but did she give up??? NAAAA! She tried the 5th time and she DID IT (With the help of confidence)!!!

Paora told Parkvale School about the five Olympic Values and what to do if you get shut down/sad. The five values were Respect, Balance your life out, Pursuit of excellence, Friendship and 1 more.Oh I forgot to tell you I WAS THERE! And while I was watching Keisha Paora pointed into the crowd and said “Ummm who’s that? Noah! My man!” and everyone looked at me! Anyway Paora brought all 3 Basketball singlets Hawks Number 8, Breakers number 8, and Tall Blacks number 9.After the fun Paora had to leave so Parkvale all waved goodbye.IMG_2353.JPGIMG_2280.JPG

But WAIT! Paora wanted a SELFIE! Parkvale were so relieved and they took a mighty fine selfie indeed.IMG_2379.JPGIMG_2374.JPG


What was something you found tricky and why did you find it tricky?
I found writing it tricky because I’m used to writing a normal story and not news stories or explanations

What are you most proud of?
Probably what I’m most proud of in my story were my organization like paragraphs and more (I forgot the rest!)

What is 1 thing you need to improve upon?
Maybe a bit more writing/detail about Paora

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